Threlkeld Quarry Railway

Here at Threlkeld Quarry we have our own narrow gauge railway.


See below to view information about our three passenger locomotives.


There is a selection of internal combustion and battery electric locomotives on display in the Top Shed.


Riding with Sir Tom.

The Locomotives

Sir Tom

SIR TOM completed the first full season of work at Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum in 2010. Sir Tom was rebuilt and is driven by Ian Hartland.


The loco was made by Bagnall of Stafford in 1926 and named after Sir Tom Callender of British Insulated Callender Cables. This 0-4-0 saddle tank narrow gauge loco worked at BICC in Kent until 1968. After lying idle for thirty three years, it arrived at Threlkeld in 2001, and since then has undergone complete restoration. Sir Tom is used to haul passenger trains from the middle quarry into the inner quarry.


SIR TOM hauls passengers daily in the summer holidays and on other weekends. In quiet periods one of our collection of vintage classic diesel locos is used. 


Hunslet 50hp  0-4-0 - 1945


An Ex National Coal Board locomotive from the South Yorkshire area. Retrieved
from the underground prior to two colliery closings.


The Loco has been altered here at Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum to make
it more suitable for passenger trains.


This loco has recently returned to service after a complete rebuild.


Ruston 48 DL - 1947


An Ex Royal Navy Armaments Depot Loco, based at Broughton Nook, near


We acquired the Loco when the Depot closed in 1994, from
here it was regauged from 2' 6" and fitted with air braking so it can
operate our passenger trains.


This locomotive is currently in service.